Photos: Jens Hasenberg, Videostills: Auge Altona

Eyes Wide Open

Premiere: 11th of May
until Fr 13th of May/ 7pm, Sa 14th of May /8pm 2016

Tickets: www.kampnagel.de

Nine children inside a fictional landscape: Set into the post-digital age, they try to survive on their own on the ruins of a fallen civilization. They’ve built themselves a shelter of branches and findings and cling to tablet computers, where images and games of the past are preserved. The shimmering of the digital surfaces reflects on their eyes and the constant chatter and noise lulls them to sleep. And while they are still dreaming, they are visited by their former heroes.

The team led by Barbara Schmidt-Rohr and her young performers are taking the audience into a ritualistic performance, which deals with what concern the kids: the endless flow of images of violence and crisis, and the desire for a more unscathed world. EYES WIDE OPEN addresses an adult audience, that will take part in a situation that negotiates with intimacy, distance and a constant dialog between real and virtual images.

Concept and Choreographie: Barbara Schmidt-Rohr
Performance by and with: Jannis Jöns-Anders, Bela Brillowska, Carl Buchholtz, Fanny Cold, Nikita Gusev, Flowria Gempeler, Leonard Pourkian, Ella Simons, Joshua Waithe, Ana-Laura Lozza, Isaac Spencer
Choreographic Assistance: Maria F. Scaroni
Dramaturgy: Thomas Schaupp
Video: Auge Altona
Sound: Iason Roumkos
Costume: Amelie Sue Melcher
Scenography: Marie-Luise Balzer
Installation: Jörg Rode
Light: Dennis Döscher
Production Assistance: Andrea Krohn, Mereth Garbe

Production: Schmidt-Rohr/Tanzinitiative Hamburg, KOPRODUKTION: Kampnagel Hamburg, Funded by: Kulturbehörde Hamburg, Fonds Darstellende Künste

Thanks to: Siggelkow Computer/Shout Computer GmbH, Ganztagsgrundschule Sternschanze

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